Resurface or Replace?

When considering the replacement of your bath (or shower), bear in mind that costs can escalate quickly and all too often, through things you didn’t even know existed!
This is by no means an exhaustive list but you will need to think about the following:

  1. Are you going to do this yourself? You will need to be very competent to carry out all the tasks involved.
  2. The removal and disposal of the bath. As an example cast iron can be very awkward to remove and disposal can be very dangerous. 
  3. Potential breakage of tiles – can you replace those old ones? 
  4. Do the walls need to be plastered again?
  5. Choosing the new baths. Will you get value for money?
  6. Choosing new taps, waste and overflow – it’s most unlikely you can use the existing fittings.
  7. Fitting the new bath – have you got a competent plumber?
  8. Possible replacement of all tiles.
  9. Possible decoration of the whole bathroom.
  10. How long is all this going to take? Can you afford the disruption and the commitment to oversee the project?

Don’t just consider the cost of the items involved. Labour charges can very often double what you have to pay. Bath Resurfacing can take as little as three hours – and that’s the end of the story!