The comprehensive service provided by Renubath in Ireland's bathrooms since 1972, deals with local repairs, chemical cleaning and the complete resurfacing of baths and shower trays in white or any of the standard bathroom manufacturers' colours.

Resurfacing a bath by Renubath costs only a fraction of replacing the old bath with a new one (apart from the actual cost of the new bath, plumbing, tiling and decorating expenses are also avoided).

The bath is expertly cleaned, repaired and completely resurfaced IN SITU in the bathroom, by fully trained operatives within a matter of two or three hours. Three days are needed for the new enamel surface to cure properly, during which time the bathroom but not the bath can be used. After this period, the bath looks and feels like a new one and given normal care will stay looking new for years.

The Renubath service is quick, efficient, does not cause inconvenience and what’s more, the workmanship and materials are fully guaranteed.